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Hawaii Meets Texas

Hawaii Meets Texas

We consider ourselves the perfect match and just welcomed our daughter into the world, which gives us 6 children! For us, this food trailer is about putting our love for family first and living our best life together. We are putting executive and physical therapy careers on hold in order to try something that we always find ourselves dreaming about. Rules were meant to be broken right? We like to keep things fresh and we write our own script. You’ll be able to taste and experience this when you come to visit us. Shane owned his own fine dining french restaurant at the age of 20 in Hawaii where he was born and raised. He went on from there to be an executive chef and win several cooking competitions in Las Vegas. He was an innovative mind behind the dine in theater concept which he helped roll out Texas wide several years ago. And now, he is returning to his love for cooking and entrepreneurship. We want to get to know our customers and create a fun environment for the whole family! We can promise you a unique eating experience. It’s a blend of flavors that you’ll find refreshing and satisfying. Our idea for ShaneBoy’s evolved from date nights at home to downtown with you!

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